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Happy Interrupted Release Day!

It’s finally March 27, which means Goddess Interrupted has been released into the wild!


As of right now, both the ebook and the paperback are in the B&N Top 100. I can’t even express how cool that is, nor can I thank you all enough for your support and enthusiasm about this series. I’m so excited for you all to have the chance to read Goddess Interrupted now, and it’ll be only a few short months before The Goddess Legacy arrives in stores as well (July 31).

Thank you all again, and happy release day!! You’re all rock stars.


Legacy Cover and Interrupted Trailer

We have a two for one for you today – not only did Harlequin TEEN reveal the cover for The Goddess Legacy (Goddess Test #2.5) on Facebook, but yesterday the official book trailer for Goddess Interrupted went up as well!

First, what is by far my favorite cover of the series (so far – haven’t seen the cover for book three!)…

Seriously, how gorgeous is that? I LOVE this cover so, so, so much. Who do you think that girl is – Calliope, Ava, or Persephone? (There is no right answer!)

And now for the Goddess Interrupted trailer!

What do you guys think? Excited about seeing the Underworld? Meeting Persephone? Seeing Kate reunited with Henry? All of the above?

Goddess Interrupted is out in the US and Canada in FIVE DAYS, on March 27th, and The Goddess Legacy will be released July 31!

Interrupted Contest Winner

Sorry this is so late, guys – it’s been a hectic day! I’m pleased to announce that the winner of the finalized signed copy of Goddess Interrupted is…


Email me at And for everyone who entered, thank you so much for your enthusiasm and excitement for The Goddess Legacy! I can’t wait for you to read it.

The Goddess Legacy

So, if you’ve been browsing Goddess Test series books on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or Goodreads lately, you MIGHT have noticed something called The Goddess Legacy. Curious what that might be?

The Goddess Legacy will be out (in paperback and e-formats!) on July 31, 2012! I am so excited for you guys to have the chance to read it, and don’t forget – Goddess Interrupted is out in less than two weeks, on March 27, and there is an extra scene in the book from Henry’s point of view that you can’t get anywhere else!

To celebrate, I’m going to have a quick contest for a finished copy of Goddess Interrupted. For the next twenty four hours (until 7pm EST), comment here with which story you’re most looking forward to in The Goddess Legacy, and I’ll choose a winner at random. US and Canada only, one entry per person, and make sure you include your email address!

Thanks again for all of your support, guys! You’re ten shades of amazing, and I hope you enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed writing them.

New Stills

The Goddess Interrupted trailer is going to be released soon – and by ‘soon’, I mean March 21st on the Facebook link below. And to tide you over (and me! I can’t wait to see it!), Harlequin Teen has released a couple of teaser stills.

So without further ado…

Ahem, if I may comment:


And that dress is short! I always thought it was long, like the one on the first cover, but it’s short!


Cough, sorry. So what do you think? Excited for the trailer? Excited for Goddess Interrupted? Only two weeks until the release! And remember, even if you’ve read an ARC or the NetGalley version of the book, there is an extra scene in the finished copy that you can’t find anywhere else. And it is from Henry’s point of view. And it totally expands on that ending.

If you haven’t done so yet, don’t forget to check out the Harlequin Teen Facebook page for exclusive extra content! More will be added in the coming weeks, including another extra scene and some fun surprises.

The Goddess Hunt Release!

Guess what.

Go on, guess.



Today The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test #1.5) is available as an e-book! Have a Nook, Kindle Sony Reader, etc.? All you have to do is search the store to find it. No e-reader? No problem – most sites allow you to download the story onto your computer with a special app or program to read it. Sort of like iTunes for books.

I also have a winner to announce! The winner of the third and final Goddess Interrupted ARC is…

Ishita aka Fishy! Congratulations, and email me at for your copy of Goddess Interrupted!

For everyone else who didn’t win, don’t worry – Goddess Interrupted is out in LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS (crazy!), and I’ll also be having at least one more contest between now and then for finished copies of the book.

Keep checking back, or follow me on Twitter @aimee_carter for the latest news (as well as my tirades about Randy Jackson – seriously, why is he still on Idol?).

Thanks again for everything, guys! You’re all incredible, and I can’t wait for you all to have the chance to read Goddess Interrupted.