Monthly Archives: December 2009

Sequel Jitters

The first and only sequel I’ve written was back in 2003. I was a junior in high school and adorably oblivious to exactly how sequels work. Frankly I’m still mystified.

But I have a two book contract. Not one, but two – which means it’s time to write the sequel to The Goddess Test. It’s something I want to write, which makes this easier, but it’s also something I’m scared to write, because what if I overestimated how much story there is to tell and it’s boring? What if I mess something up or create a plot point that directly contradicts something I included in the first book? Or worse, what if it just plain sucks?

But there are good things about it too, exciting things to look forward to. Getting to revisit these characters, for instance, and fleshing them out more, especially given the circumstances in the first book (you’ll see, don’t give me that look). Getting to go somewhere that is only mentioned in the first.  Expanding on the relationships between characters. And the ending – if there’s one part I’m looking forward to writing the most, it’s those last few paragraphs. Not for the obvious reasons (that ‘just finished a manuscript’ high), but because…well, I can’t say. But I’m excited.

I’ve outlined it. Gone through the outline to add in parts to make the boring parts not so boring. Added plot elements that ramp up tension and conflict. Added three new characters, one that just fits so unbelievably perfectly (you’ll see). Discovered plot lines for the minor characters that don’t just fit naturally into the overall story, but become essential to it. I even have a title, though that’s subject to change. But at least I have something to call the file.

So in short, everything’s falling into place. But that doesn’t mean I’m any less nervous – just really excited, too.