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You Are Amazing, Beautiful, and Worthwhile (and Int’l Legacy Contest!)

The Goddess Legacy (#2.5 in the Goddess Test series) will be on shelves and available for your e-reader TOMORROW, July 31, and I am so excited for you to have the chance to read it! I promised an international contest, and here it is, but before we get to it, I made a vlog. And it’s kind of a rambly vlog, but it’s something I really wanted to share with you all.

A few weeks ago, I had lunch with one of my best writer friends, Courtney Allison Moulton, and we started talking about relationships in YA. It was a heated discussion, and we both decided to go home and write a blog post about it. For various reasons, that unfortunately didn’t happen, but now, a few weeks later, this particular topic has been weighing on my mind. And instead of writing about it, I decided it would mean more if it came from an actual face and a voice.

Rambly as it may be, I mean every word. No matter who you are, you are amazing, beautiful, and worthwhile just the way you are.

Now, for the contest! This is open to everyone no matter where in the world you live. All you have to do to enter is the following:

+ Comment on this post with what you like most about yourself. Or if that’s too personal, then what you like most about your best friend.

+ For one extra entry, follow me on Twitter at @aimee_carter.

+ For one extra entry, ‘like’ my Facebook page.

+ For one extra entry, subscribe to my blog.

+ For two extra entries, share this link on Twitter.

+ For three extra entries, share this link on Facebook.

Important: do NOT forget to leave your email address in the body of your comment! That’s the only way I have to get ahold of you. And please let me know how many points you’ve earned as well. You must be 13+ to enter, or have an adult do it for you. Contest will last until Friday, August 3, at 12:01am EST, at which point I will randomly select a winner based on the number of entries earned.

Good luck, everyone!


EDIT: Contest is now CLOSED! I’ll announce a winner soon. Thanks for entering, everyone!


Legacy Winners!

I’m so sorry about the delay on announcing the winners to the 4,000 Follower giveaway! It’s been a crazy week full of travel and amazing people, and figuring out the winners by hand was a task much harder than I’d anticipated. But all that aside, at last I can announce the winners!

The three copies of The Goddess Legacy go to…

Anna Konradi


Megan (@bookworminlove)


And the winner of the signed set of Goddess Test books is…

alicia marie (@bamayankee)


Thank you all so much for entering, and winners, please email me at so I can get your prizes out to you as soon as possible! I have not yet received my author copies of The Goddess Legacy, but as soon as they arrive on my doorstep, they’ll be on their way to you.

And everyone else, keep your eyes peeled for another contest coming very, very soon, and this one WILL be international!

4,000 Follower Giveaway

About two minutes ago, I reached the 4,000 follower mark on Twitter. First of all, THANK YOU GUYS so, so much for putting up with my tweets about reality shows, my crazy family (pets and father included), and the occasional writing and book tweet.

Second of all, let’s get to the good stuff. For this particular milestone, I’m giving away THREE copies of The Goddess Legacy, and one follower will win signed copies of The Goddess Test, Goddess Interrupted, AND The Goddess Legacy. To enter, you have four options. Each option you do will get you one entry, up to four entries:

+ Comment on this post with which story (Calliope, Ava, Persephone, James, or Henry’s) you’re most looking forward to.

+ Follow me on Twitter (aimee_carter)

+ Tweet a link to this contest to your followers

+ “Like” my page on Facebook (see link to the side)

Rules: You may only enter once. US/Canada only, due to the high cost of shipping (I WILL do an international giveaway very, very soon!). You must be 13 years or older to enter

Contest runs from now until 12:01am 7/10/2012. Comment on this post with your name, email address, and how many entries you’ve earned, and a winner will be announced on 7/10.

Good luck, guys, and thank you again for all of your support!

EDIT: Contest is now closed! Thank you all for entering (holy wow, that’s a lot of comments!), and I’ll announce the winners ASAP!