The Goddess Hunt Release!

Guess what.

Go on, guess.



Today The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test #1.5) is available as an e-book! Have a Nook, Kindle Sony Reader, etc.? All you have to do is search the store to find it. No e-reader? No problem – most sites allow you to download the story onto your computer with a special app or program to read it. Sort of like iTunes for books.

I also have a winner to announce! The winner of the third and final Goddess Interrupted ARC is…

Ishita aka Fishy! Congratulations, and email me at for your copy of Goddess Interrupted!

For everyone else who didn’t win, don’t worry – Goddess Interrupted is out in LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS (crazy!), and I’ll also be having at least one more contest between now and then for finished copies of the book.

Keep checking back, or follow me on Twitter @aimee_carter for the latest news (as well as my tirades about Randy Jackson – seriously, why is he still on Idol?).

Thanks again for everything, guys! You’re all incredible, and I can’t wait for you all to have the chance to read Goddess Interrupted.


About Aimée Carter

THE GODDESS TEST series is in stores now! PAWN, the first book in the Blackcoat Rebellion series, was released November 2013, and CAPTIVE and QUEEN, the sequels, will be available in late 2014 and 2015, all from Harlequin Teen. SIMON THORN AND THE WOLF'S DEN, the first book in a middle grade series with Bloomsbury US/UK, will be released in Fall 2015.

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  1. Oh cool! I love Ishita glad to know she won 🙂
    Will there be a giveaway for the Goddess Hunt as well? I just finished Goddess Interrupted (WHAT a cliffhanger!) and I wanted to get some more Kate in before book #3…whenever that is.

  2. Just finish goddess hunt and loved it , i see henry really loves kate and would do anything for her so team henry!

  3. If you take away the ‘the’ then your left with ‘Goddess Hunt’ and my surname is Hunt. So it’s saying I’m a goddess!!!

  4. is it ever going top be realesed in a hardcover or parperback book?

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