Aimée Carter is the author of the two Young Adult series The Goddess Test series and the Blackcoat Rebellion series from Harlequin TEEN, on shelves now.

Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den, the first book in a middle grade series with Bloomsbury US/UK, is out now, and the sequel, Simon Thorn and the Viper’s Pit, will follow in February 2017.


  1. Hi Ms Carter!

    I’m a 17 year old YA Book Blogger, and I would like to interview/host a giveaway for your upcoming book.
    Please contact me!


  2. Hi Aimee,
    I’m a team member at the blog Bookish Delights. I wanted ask if you could do an interview for us. Bookish Delights has already reviewed your book through Netgalley. Some info on our blog: Currently we have 667 Followers, 10,085 total page visits since May 2, 2010, 1,930 page visits last month, and 840 average monthly page visits.

    Please note that on May 2nd-May 30th there will be a Blogoversary celebration. During that time all stats are predicted to rise by alot.

    Link to blog: http://bookish-delights.blogspot.com/

    Please consider the interview and maybe even a giveaway.


  3. hi! I’m Sierra and i LOVE the book you wrote and Greek mythology. I can’t stop wandering if that place Eden Manor is real… Have you been there or did you make it up? Please reply!!! 🙂

  4. Hi i love all of your books i just finished Goddess Interrupted and it was amazing like all of your other books. I searched everywhere for your third book of the Goddess tests series and could not find it anywhere. I do not know if it has even come out yet, if it hasn’t i hope it will be out soon! Thanks and i can’t wait to read the third book!

  5. Hi!!!! I just wanted to say that your books have changed the way I view myself and others, and that you are my favorite author ever!!!!!!!! I just finished legacy and couldn’t be happier! Well I guess if you released inheritance early I could be :P. but thank you sooooooo much for writing this series and I hope it is not just a trilogy or I will cry my eyes put!!!

  6. hi i’m Cati and i’m 12 and i loved these books i’m not a big reader but these once i opened the book i fell in love with James and then Henry i cant wait for the 3rd book and so far your the best author I’ve read in a while that wasn’t school wise

  7. Hi, I was just wondering if ‘The Goddess Legacy’ will be available on Amazon Kindle? The others seem to be available but not this one. I was hoping to read this one to tide me over until the 3rd book is released. Your books are my favourites! thanks

  8. Hi Aimee! I just wanted to ask you if you could do a guest post or something on my blog. You see, my sister is a huge fan of yours and has been waiting for your books! Anyways, she is going to graduate and i want something special for her and i thought you doing a guest post on our blog might just be the best gift! If you do decide to do this, please email me at angelicbookreviews@gmail.com


  9. Dear Aimee,

    I was wondering if you could release The Goddess Hunt as an actual book, you see I do not have a Kindle or nook, and I am not planning on ever buying one. You see I am quite a fan of being able to hold books, actually turning the pages, and getting a whiff of the smell of a new book. So if it is within your power, I would greatly appreciate it.

  10. Dear Aimee,
    I love your take on the greek mythology in the Goddess Test series and think that it would make an amazing movie.. The books are just so amazing and there are hardly any greek mythology movies out there besides the Percy Jackson Series and Immortals, all the others are super outdated so you should definitely try to make them into movies. I know that this is really unlikely and it’s probably difficult to do so I just wanted to suggest it and if you decide to try and make the series into movies, I would totally support the cause and like buy a bunch of movie tickets and have my friends come along and everything(: Well thanks for your time and I haven’t gotten the chance to get Pawn yet. but it sounds amazing and I’ll definitely be reading it soon. Thanks again!

  11. Dear Aimee,
    You should make the goddess series into movie they are so good. It would also be nice if you could write another book about Henrys and Kate’s lives together about the struggle to find someone to replace Ava. And I just really want to read more about Henrys and Kate’s life together with milo. You are a great author, thanks for the awesome books. 🙂

  12. hi Aimee

    I’m a 16 year old who fell in love with your books. I haven’t had the pleasure to enjoy your pawn book but trust me I will. I started reading your book The Goddess Test when I was a freshman (I’m a junior now. You are a excellent writer, when I read your book it was like the words lifted off the paper and filled into my head as a movie, I felt what Katie was feeling, I felt her frustration with henry and the comfort she got from James and how to deal with that issue. I had guys problems around that time and actually to be quite funny is my old “guy” friend named John looked exactly how James was described. Anyways I just want to say thank you for sharing part of you and your world of Katie because that book series made up my freshman year, I looked EVERYWHERE for the 3rd book and I waited and waited for it to come out, and I’ve never been that excited to read a book so I know it was good. Please keep doing what your doing with the Pawn series and I know they’ll be just as good.

    Yours Gianna

  13. Madison Ramsey

    Trailer for your book!

    Hi Aimee! My name is Madison Ramsey from Frisco, Texas. I am 16, and I absolutely adore greek mythology. Your books are perfect and flawless. I created a book trailer for your book The Goddess Legacy. It would mean so much to me if you were to check it out and give me feedback!

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPg53FVgS84&feature=youtu.be

    Thanks so much! Don’t stop writing, and keep doing what you do!

    ~Madison Ramsey

  14. Dear Ms. Carter,

    Hello! I just sent you an email and just discovered this blog. Like mentioned in the email, I am more than passionate about your book series The Goddess Test. I was wondering, I have finished the first book, should I read the Hunt or the Interrupted next? I realize that the Hunt is only an E-Book. Thank you so much for everything! I greatly await, and I mean GREATLY await your response to my email and am so excited to have such an inspirational author like you. I look up to you so much!

    Your number one supporter,

    Sophie Smith

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