Happy Interrupted Release Day!

It’s finally March 27, which means Goddess Interrupted has been released into the wild!


As of right now, both the ebook and the paperback are in the B&N Top 100. I can’t even express how cool that is, nor can I thank you all enough for your support and enthusiasm about this series. I’m so excited for you all to have the chance to read Goddess Interrupted now, and it’ll be only a few short months before The Goddess Legacy arrives in stores as well (July 31).

Thank you all again, and happy release day!! You’re all rock stars.


About Aimée Carter

THE GODDESS TEST series is in stores now! PAWN, the first book in the Blackcoat Rebellion series, was released November 2013, and CAPTIVE and QUEEN, the sequels, will be available in late 2014 and 2015, all from Harlequin Teen. SIMON THORN AND THE WOLF'S DEN, the first book in a middle grade series with Bloomsbury US/UK, will be released in Fall 2015.

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  1. I’m really happy it finally comes out! Can’t wait to read it!! 😀

  2. GretaBrowne6@aol.com

    You are amazing!!! I am your biggest fan, I love your writing soooooo much!!

  3. OMG!!! Congratulations!!! I want to read it soo badly!

  4. OMG i finished it i dont think i can possibly wait a year for the third book!!!! ( :

  5. Finished it and LOVED it! It made me cry at the end with both tears of sadness and joy. Keep up the excellent work!! P.s. how ya gonna leave us like this? I don’t think I can wait till next YEAR!!!!

  6. guess what ? I BOUGHT IT ! 🙂 teehee !

  7. Hello aimee, your books are amazing goddess interrupted is brilliant stayed up till 430am to finish it, I was wondering whether the goddess test 1.5 will become available on amazon and of the goddess test 2.5 will become
    available on amazon also if not at the nd of July but at a later date.

  8. Bernadette Hemingway

    Aimee, It is no wonder that you’re in the top 100–your books are captivating, mysterious, romantic, and unpredictable. I have been a librarian for 13 years, and know that well-developed, interesting characters and an engaging, well-paced plot are the two factors that attract readership the most. I read The Goddess Test, The Goddess Hunt, and Goddess Interrupted in one sitting each, then did something I rarely ever do–I read them each again, twice more! I am a teen librarian, and read teen novels all the time. I’ll confess that there are many I never finish–too cliche, undeveloped characters, poorly written, etc. Your books, however, I could not put down, and the story is one that I will never forget. I am nominating The Goddess Test for Delaware’s Blue Hen Book Award, and I look forward to the Goddess Legacy.

    Bernadette Hemingway

    PS–As a lover of the English language, I must also thank you for having Henry speak “proper English.” It’s beautiful, and it suits his ancient character perfectly.

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