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And the Winner Is

After compiling and reading through each entry without names attached, we have a winner.

This was one hell of a tough decision – there were some extremely compelling entries, and I loved all of them. I chose the winner based on creativity, effort, word count (150 and below, as specified in the contest post), and general awesomeness. There was no formula. But there was one that is absolutely killer.

So, without further ado, our winner is…


An Ode to Hades – a Shakespearean sonnet (in proper iambic pentameter) by Rachel B.

For many years before The Goddess Test
I’ve thought in awe upon the days of old
To wonder who of all the gods was best
And who within my heart a place would hold

Athena rules o’er Greece with strength of mind
The Lord of Seas Poseidon brings the storm
To maidens Artemis is always kind
Without Apollo there would be no morn

Yet somehow Hades seems to rise above
As Lord of Death and ruler underground
Despite bad luck he’s well deserving of
A reputation better than I’ve found

With cleverness and power he will keep
The balance, and will greet me when I sleep


Great job, Rachel B.! Email me at with your address and who you’d like to make the book out to.

Now, for anyone upset they didn’t win, don’t worry! I’m about to post a second contest – this one international – where no writing’s required. Except, of course, just posting to enter.

Congratulations again to Rachel B.!