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Extra Scene – Voting Time!

EDIT: Voting is now CLOSED. Thanks so much, guys, and I’ll announce the winning scenes soon!

Sorry this is a few days late, guys – if you follow my Twitter account, you know that my father’s been in the hospital. He’s out now, and I finally have time to catch back up with everything, including…

Remember that extra scene I owe you all for reaching 3,000 adds on Goodreads for The Goddess Test? Well, now here’s your chance to vote for which scene you want to see! Please vote for your TOP TWO scenes from this list (in 1, 2 order). I will likely only write one, but I’m curious which two scenes you all most want to see. You know, just in case.

The scenes to vote for, listed in chronological order…

1. Kate’s mother/Sofia, when Sofia is taking care of her while Kate’s at the ‘party’.

2. Henry/Diana, before the dreams begin.

3. Ava/the council, before she comes back the second time.

4. Henry/the council, before he confronts Kate and tells her about one of the tests.

5. Ava/Nicholas, when he fends her off before the picnic.

6. Henry/the council, before Kate wakes up ‘after’.

Again, please list your TWO favorites. You have until 12:01am on Tuesday, May 3rd to vote, and then I’ll have that up for you all as soon as possible.

I really can’t say this enough – thank you all so, SO much for spreading the word about The Goddess Test! It’s showing up in bookstores now, and I’m so ridiculously excited. You’re all amazing.

Contest #2!

All right, guys, I have another copy to give away! And this time it’s open internationally.

To win a signed and personalized copy of THE GODDESS TEST, please post a comment below with both your name and email address.

The contest will run from now until 11:59pm my time (EST, GMT -5) on April 25th. You must be at least 13 years old to enter, and if you’re under 18, you must have your parents’ permission. You may only enter once.

Please make sure to include both your name and email address, else I’ll have no way to contact you.

Infinite kudos to those of you who spread the word through Twitter or Facebook. Good luck to you all!

(Please note that the winner will be chosen by a random number generator, not me! Thanks for all the love, guys. 🙂 )

EDIT: The contest is now CLOSED! Thanks so much for entering, guys, and I’ll have a winner announced very shortly!

And the Winner Is

After compiling and reading through each entry without names attached, we have a winner.

This was one hell of a tough decision – there were some extremely compelling entries, and I loved all of them. I chose the winner based on creativity, effort, word count (150 and below, as specified in the contest post), and general awesomeness. There was no formula. But there was one that is absolutely killer.

So, without further ado, our winner is…


An Ode to Hades – a Shakespearean sonnet (in proper iambic pentameter) by Rachel B.

For many years before The Goddess Test
I’ve thought in awe upon the days of old
To wonder who of all the gods was best
And who within my heart a place would hold

Athena rules o’er Greece with strength of mind
The Lord of Seas Poseidon brings the storm
To maidens Artemis is always kind
Without Apollo there would be no morn

Yet somehow Hades seems to rise above
As Lord of Death and ruler underground
Despite bad luck he’s well deserving of
A reputation better than I’ve found

With cleverness and power he will keep
The balance, and will greet me when I sleep


Great job, Rachel B.! Email me at with your address and who you’d like to make the book out to.

Now, for anyone upset they didn’t win, don’t worry! I’m about to post a second contest – this one international – where no writing’s required. Except, of course, just posting to enter.

Congratulations again to Rachel B.!

3,000 and Beyond

You guys are incredible. I really can’t say that enough. Not only are there now more than 3,000 people who have added THE GODDESS TEST to their Goodreads account, but we’re nearly at 3,200!

So, as promised, I’ll post an extra scene from sometime during or before TGT. I’m going to wait to post it until after the release (April 26th) just so that the people who haven’t had the chance to read the ARC will be able to read the scene when it goes up. BUT – and it’s a fun one – YOU GUYS get to choose which scene you’d like.

I’ve made a preliminary list of ones I think might be interesting (if you haven’t read the ARC of TGT yet, don’t read it, because it does contain a few mildly spoilery bits, though I tried to be as vague as possible – hopefully not TOO vague). However, if you have suggestions, please mention them in the comments, and if it would make a good extra scene, then I’ll add them to the pile.

For your consideration, listed in chronological order…

– Kate’s mother/Sofia, when Sofia is taking care of her while Kate’s at the ‘party’.

– Henry/Diana, before the dreams begin.

– Ava/the council, before she comes back the second time.

– Henry/the council, before he confronts Kate and tells her about one of the tests.

– Ava/Nicholas, when he fends her off before the picnic.

– Henry/the council, before Kate wakes up ‘after’.

If you have any additional scenes you’d like to see, let me know in the comments, and I’ll add them in. You have a week (until Monday, April 18th) to suggest more ideas, and then I’ll open them all to voting for two weeks (until Tuesday, May 3rd) to give everyone time to read THE GODDESS TEST and vote. And then I’ll work my butt off until you guys have an extra scene.

Again, thank you guys so, SO much. You’re incredible, and you all totally deserve this and way, way more.

Consider This A Bribe

In addition to the contest to win a personalized copy of The Goddess Test, I want to propose another contest of sorts.

No, not a contest Let’s call it a bribe.

With the wonderful support and enthusiasm from, we’ve been trying like hell to get 3,000 people to add The Goddess Test to their To Be Read pile on Goodreads. At this point we have close to 2,500.

With your help, if we’re able to reach 3,000 adds on Goodreads by 12:01am EST on April 26th, the day The Goddess Test will be available everywhere, I will write and post a sort of “behind-the-scenes” scene from The Goddess Test. I’ll come up with a few possibilities I think might be interesting, post them, and you can all decide which one you want to see.

I can’t guarantee length, content, any of that stuff, but I can promise it’ll be from the time period covered in The Goddess Test, and it’ll be something in the story Kate doesn’t witness. And I’ll try my best to make it as juicy as possible.

If we hit 4,000? Or, dare I hope, 5,000? I’ll have more special content for you guys. It may be more scenes, it may be other things, we’ll see.  Either way, the more adds The Goddess Test gets, the more that’s in it for you guys.

Ready, set…go!

Contest Time

EDIT:  This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced soon, and keep an eye out for an international contest as well!

With a month to go before THE GODDESS TEST’s April 26th release, I thought it might be fun to run a little contest for a personalized copy of the book.

In order to enter, leave a comment below explaining who your favorite Greek god is and why, in 150 words or less. This can be any god (or half-god) that appears in Greek mythology, but make sure to explain why they’re your favorite. (ETA: please note that this MUST be a god of some sort. Titans do count. Full mortals like Pandora unfortunately do not. If you’re not sure, check out Wikipedia to see if they are specified as a god, half-god, or Titan.)

You’ll have until 12:00am EST on April 10th to enter – so fifteen days. You may only enter once. Once you’ve entered, please don’t delete your entry and rewrite it, since I’ll be compiling them separately. Don’t worry about typos you might find. We all make them.

Unfortunately this will be limited to the US and Canada, but I will almost certainly have another contest sometime soon for international readers as well.

I’ll pick my favorite sometime between April 10th-12th, and I’ll be judging the entries without names, so there will be no bias. You can go for funny, touching, unique, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to keep it under 150 words.

And please – no spoilers for The Goddess Test. If you include a spoiler not included on the back summary (i.e., comparing Henry to Hades is fair game), your entry will be disqualified.

Good luck!!

They Have Arrived

Books! Books! Everywhere!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably already know this, but since I was terribly rude and only announced it via video, I thought a text version of my earlier announcement was in order. There are two parts to this awesome announcement, both equally exciting:

1. The third GODDESS TEST book is now a done deal! It’s currently untitled, and while I’ve heard that the release date will be around November 2012, don’t quote me on it. This may or may not be any surprise for those of you who knew that THE GODDESS TEST was supposed to be a trilogy, but I’m floored at the reception this trilogy has had so far, and I’m beyond excited for you all to have the chance to read the third.

2. My amazing publisher Harlequin TEEN has also bought my YA dystopian novel entitled MASKED. I’m so excited about this story, I can’t even tell you. I’ve also heard this will be out in August 2013, but again, don’t quote me on it. All of this is subject to change.

For those of you who would like to know what MASKED is about, here is the blurb from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Author of the GODDESS TEST novels, Aimee Carter’s trilogy MASKED, set in a future America in which a 16-year-old orphan is surgically changed to replace the Prime Minister’s dead niece, and must deal with the dead girl’s secret life, her fiancé, a growing rebellion and a kidnapped heir, along with the knowledge that the Prime Minister will kill to preserve his own secrets, again to Mary-Theresa Hussey at Harlequin Teen, by Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio.

So that’s the big news! I’ve been sitting on it since December, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it. I’ve had a fantastic journey with Harlequin TEEN so far, and I’m so excited and grateful for the opportunity to continue it.

Only 36 days until the release of THE GODDESS TEST on April 26th!

You Are Amazing

This week has been a milestone for The Goddess Test. With a little under two months to go before it hits shelves, not only did Goddess Test pass 1,000 adds on Goodreads, but it also hit the top ten list of most requested galleys on

Adds have almost doubled. I gained over a hundred new Twitter followers. Fabulous reviews are coming out.  Things are happening.

And it’s because of you. The book bloggers. The early reviewers. The people who take time out of their busy schedules to read books and put their thoughts into words. The readers who hear about a book and tell their friends. Who tweet and link and add. You.

In late December, thirty people had added Goddess Test on Goodreads. And then a blogger tweeted a picture of the ARC.

Now, two months later, nearly twelve hundred people have added it, and the book doesn’t even come out until April 19th.

I want to gush. I want to hug each and every one of you. Your enthusiasm, your tweets, your blog entries and emails and everything you’ve done – it’s magical what the YA blogging and reading community does for authors. It really, truly is.

If you decide to pick up or request Goddess Test, whether you enjoy it or not, thank you for giving it a chance. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read it. I won’t pretend it doesn’t hurt like hell to get a negative review, but it would hurt even more if no one read it at all. But because of you, readers know it’s out there, and with a little luck, they’ll give it a chance.

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you times infinity. And if anyone ever makes you feel like you don’t make a difference, send them my way and I’ll set them straight.

Face to the Name

I feel odd posting this before THE GODDESS TEST has even been released, but Melissa Anelli asked about my dream cast for the book. And even though we have two months to go before the release, I figured it might be fun to give you a preview of some of the characters – faces only, of course. No spoilers here.

Let’s start with Henry. Dark, tortured, and mesmerizing, or so the back of the book describes. Who better than…

Ben Barnes?

Just in case you’re not completely convinced…

Really. He’s perfect. And age-appropriate, since Henry is supposed to look like he’s in his twenties.

Next we have James, who’s described as blond, tall, and elephant-eared (and a cute, geeky nerd). He’s hard to figure a face for, but if we’re going mostly literally (minus the ears)…

Mitch Hewer. (Thank you, UK Skins!)

He’s not a perfect fit though, and if we nixed the physical description and went with personality alone…

Darren Criss. A+. If anyone could pull off James, he could.

Now, onto the girls! Kate Winters is the protagonist, and she’s the one I can never picture. She has brown hair, and…yes. Let’s just go with that.

How about…

Troian Bellisario? Or…

Mandy Moore, circa A Walk To Remember?

Ah, well. Picture whomever you’d like! Let’s move on to Ava, who’s blond, beautiful, and has had a mental face from before I started writing the book. Who’s that?

Elisabeth Harnois. I can’t believe she’s almost thirty-two.

I would go on – there are plenty of other characters in the book – but I’ll leave it at this for now! Once the book’s out, we can talk about some of the other characters, but for now, these four are plenty.

Thanks for playing!