Q&A Vlog #2 (plus a contest!)

Watch me make a bumbling fool of myself, complete with weird colors and lighting. Also, I self-edit while I talk. This is why I’m a writer and not a public speaker, and also one of the pitfalls of talking too fast sometimes. /insecurities

Now, for the contest! If you’d like to win a signed, personalized copy of The Goddess Test, watch the video and comment below with up to five questions for my next vlog. Each question will be one entry. There may be more than one winner, based on how many books I have to give away to readers, and at least one winner will be chosen at random. Others may be chosen on how creative/interesting/generally awesome their questions are. Don’t forget to include your email address as well, so I can contact you if you win. US only this time, I’m afraid.

Just a note: you MUST ask the questions on my WordPress blog (https://aimeecarter.wordpress.com). Goodreads and Facebook comments unfortunately won’t count. It’s much easier to fairly calculate a winner this way.

You have until 12:01am EST on July 13. Have at it!


About Aimée Carter

THE GODDESS TEST series is in stores now! PAWN, the first book in the Blackcoat Rebellion series, was released November 2013, and CAPTIVE and QUEEN, the sequels, will be available in late 2014 and 2015, all from Harlequin Teen. SIMON THORN AND THE WOLF'S DEN, the first book in a middle grade series with Bloomsbury US/UK, will be released in Fall 2015.

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  1. I love your book read it 8 times I have 2 questions that are long right now #1 is since her mom is a goddess shouldent Kate have had the right to be a goddess in the first place or at least be a demigoddess it seems like it is her birth right depending on who her dad is. #2 is Do we ever get to know who her dad is because I dont think Kates mom would just pick a randome guy to be Kates dad and I always wanted to know if we ever got to meet him in the books?

  2. Aaaaah! So excited! Ok question 1: Are we going to see/meet any of the previous relationships Henry/Hades was in before Kate? Question 2: Are the gods’ “real” stories going to be included like Aphrodite and Ares’ relationship even though she’s married to Hephaestus, Zeus lustful endeavors and Hera’s jealousy, etc. Question 3: How “close” *cough* will Henry and Kate be in GI? Question 4: Now that Persephone is back in the picture, will she be a catalyst to Kate and Henry’s relationship? Question 5: And since Persephone is back, the sisters (Kate and Persephone) are pitted against each other. What kind of “distress” will this cause the council, especially Demeter?

    Sigh, so many questions. Patiently waiting for the next book! ^_^

  3. Okay, did you find it hard to come up with the idea for Goddess?
    Was it hard to get publishers/agents interested in it?
    How long did it take until you found someone to accept and publish it?
    What did you do to celebrate when it was?

  4. Hey! So I loved TGT, & super excited bout GI. Now for questions….
    1-are Kate and her half sister Persephone going to be arguing and fighting like most sisters?
    2- is the including of Persephone going to hurt or trouble Henrey for his feelings for Kate? (i really hope not!)
    3-when did u get the idea for TGT? Inspiration?

  5. I loved loved loved your book! For my questions…
    1) Will the readers ever get to read flashbacks of Kate’s life?
    2) Where will Kate go when she leaves the Underworld? Just New York?
    3) What does the cover of the next book look like?
    4) Will there be flashbacks from Persephone in this next novel?
    5) Are the main characters, specifically Kate, anything like yourself?
    Thank you for this great giveaway 🙂

  6. First of all… I love your Name *lol*
    Secondly, I loved The Goddess Test. And, cannot wait to read the next book in the series!
    As far as questions:
    1. How did you come up with your concept for your book? Did it start with wanting to write about gods and goddesses or something else and they came later?
    2. How did you go about picking the names for your characters? Do they each have a hidden meanings?
    3. What was your favorite character to write in your book?
    4. Will we see more of the other Gods and Goddesses in your upcoming books?
    5. Was the cover of TGT the first take? Or were there other concepts before the final one?
    6. Now that Kate has become a goddess will Henry start to reveal his true feelings for her? *Crosses fingers for some more kissing in the next book* 🙂

    I’m sure that I will think of more but…. these are the current ones that are swirling around my head at the moment. Again thank you for giving us your readers such an amazing book!

    email: aimee.riha@yahoo.com

  7. 1. Why did you decide to write a trilogy?
    2. Do you find it easier/harder to plot books in a set of three rather then just one?
    3. What do you think of the YA trend towards trilogies?
    4. Some authors talk about molding their bad guys after people they knew and didn’t like. Did you/do you do this?
    5. Who is your favorite bad guy? Mine is Iago, from Othello. :]

    teddycavygal at yahoo dot com

  8. I love mythology! Here are my questions!

    1) What is your favorite genre to read?

    2) Do you ever have dreams that your characters are real?

    3) Do you ever have conversations with your characters?

    4) If you were a Goddess who would you be and why?

    5) What do you like to write on?

  9. 1. What is your favorite fairy tale?
    2. Would you ever consider writing your own version of that fairy tale?
    3. Are any of the character’s traits inspirations of your own personal traits?
    4. How do you choose names for your characters?
    5. What made you choose which the gods and goddesses to use for the story?

    Love the interview, I can’t wait for the next book.

    myworldofbooks18 at hotmail dot com

  10. Thank you for doing this!

    1. Was it super hard to write the sequels to TGT?
    2. Did you think about writing TGT in third person, or did it just come out in first person?
    3. What was the first thing you bought with your advance? 😀
    4. What’s the best thing about being an author?
    5. How long does it take you to write a story? My average is around two months, just the first draft, so I’m interested with yours.

  11. Jessica@a GREAT read

    Awesome contest!! I see a lot of questions regarding the books but I have a few other related to writing…

    1. What was your road to publication like? I’m struggling with the “wonderful” query process right now and I know that it takes several rejections til you hit the glorious YES! Need a little pick me up to know that I’m not alone!
    2. Why Greek Mythology? Don’t get me wrong my love of Greek mythology started the same year as my love of the supernatural. Was just wondering where you got this totally different idea!
    3. Are you a full time or part time writer? What are your benefits and negatives to your choice? Would you switch if you could?
    4. Do you have any author friends who’ve helped you along the way?
    5. Are any of your characters–such as their personalities–based on people you know or knew in life? Would you kill off any exes or other enemies from your past just for laughs?
    6. What is your fave thing about writing these books? Or just writing in general?



  12. Yay!

    Q1: If you could spontaneously throw any of your characters into Harry Potter’s wizarding world, just to see their reaction, whowould it be?

    Q2: If Henry had a T-shirt that described him perfectly, what words/pictures would it have on it?

    Q3: Which book has been harder to write out of the Goddess Test series?

    Q4: If you could write a story about a character from another author’s novel, who would you write about and why?

    Q%: Which House would you belong to in Hogwarts?

  13. 1) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
    2) Have you been to Wizarding World yet?
    3) Favourite place to visit?
    4) What would your patronus be?
    5) Favourite television show (currently on air or cancelled)?

  14. When did you first become interested in mythology?

    And hey, I didn’t go to prom, homecoming, or any other school events either.
    That must be what cool people who like to write do…or rather, refuse to do 😉

  15. I love the Goddess Test and I love it when you do these vlogs! Here are some questions:

    1. What’s your favorite part of the writing process?
    2. Do you get any say when it comes to the covers of your book?
    3. How did you come up with the whole idea of Henry needed a new mate to help him rule?
    4. Is mythology something you’ve always been interested in?
    5. What do you like to do for fun when you’re not writing?

    Thanks for the opportunity at winning the giveaway!


  16. Contest! Yaaay!

    I really liked this video, it’s great to be able to put a talking, moving face to a name, so I love it when authors do videos 🙂

    My questions:
    2. What do we have to do to get access to the NetGalley of GI?
    3. What Hogwarts house are you in?
    4. If Henry went to Hogwarts, what house would HE be in?
    5. Who is your favorite character from Harry Potter and did he/she influence any of YOUR characters?

    Sense a theme here? I just watched the live coverage of the HP premier, so I’ve got Potter on the brain 🙂

    Can’t wait for March/April 2012! I love TGT, so GI should be AWESOME 🙂

  17. Awesome! Here are my questions:

    1. While writing The Goddess Test, did you ever feel like your book wasn’t good enough and want to start over or throw it away?

    2. Did any particular authors/books make you want to write The Goddess Test or give you the idea for it?

    3. Did you always want to be an author?

    4. How long did it take you to come up with the idea for The Goddess Test?

    Thank you for this giveaway! 🙂


  18. Hi! I LOVE the Goddess Test, and am hoping that the Goddess Interrupted will come out on my birthday, March 27th-hint hint! 😉 Anyways, here are my five questions:

    1) Have you always been interested in mythology?
    2) What are some of your favorite authors?
    3) Was the title for the Goddess Test always The Goddess Test? Or was it once supposed to be something else?
    4) Who is your favorite character in The Goddess Test?
    5) Finally, how long did it take you to write the Goddess Test?

    Thank you! My email is:


    • or:

      babicoolio(at) aol (dot) com

      I know they’re the same, but lots of people are doing their emails like this, so I want to cover all my bases in case there’s some special formatting I have to submit my email in that I didn’t know about!

  19. 1. How do you come up with the names for your characters?
    2. If you could write about another Greek Myth, which would you write about and why?
    3. How much has GT been changed from their earlier drafts to its final?
    4. Will we be learning more about the backgrounds and past history of the characters?
    5. Who would be your dream cast for Persephone and Kate and Henry?


    twilightforever.edward at gmail dot com


  20. Kimberly Meza

    Sadly, I am a deprieved teen who has not yet had the wonderful opportunity to read your masterpiece but nonetheless I still have questions!
    1) What was your favorite thing to write/read about when you were a teen?
    2) What did you learn from writing the Godess Test if anything, that you wish you would have known sooner?
    3) Have you ever been scared that one of your former teachers (especially english teachers) would pick up your book and read it and then change their perspective of you?
    4) Are you big mythology fan or were you simply captivated by the tale of Persephone & Hades?
    5) If a loved one of yours was sick, what would you be capable of doing in order to keep them alive?

    Thanks a bunch 🙂

  21. Kimberly Meza

    Kim’s Email: chapis.luvs@gmail.com

  22. 1. how did you keep up with all the different names for the gods/goddesses??? i always had to flip to the back of the book….my friend found it really funny..
    2. is persephone going to play a big role in GI?
    3. are there going to be any ARC’s of GI?
    4. do you have any events scheduled???
    5. do you have a title for the 3rd goddess test??


  23. 1 is kate still going to have feelings for henry when she returns

    2 is persephone going to get in the way of kate and henry

    3 will henry find more feelings for persephone or will he stay loyal to kate

    4will kate feel unloved agian becuase henry is acting secretive agian

    5 has kate stayed loyal to henry during summer or will she brake his heart like persephone

    It will an honor if you wouldn’t mind answernig these i would be totally gratefull and is there a way that you will a 4th gt book or is that a a botton not needed to be pushed

  24. I really love the Goddess Test!! I hope i get a copy!! My friend let me borrower her book yesterday and i finished it in like an 1 hour and a half (cause I couldn’t put it down(= )
    Well her are my questions
    1) How many books will there be?
    2) Will Persephone be a good, bad, or in the middle character?
    3) Do you like the Twilight Saga?
    4) For someone writing a book what advice would you give??
    5) Is Greek mythology your favorite to write about?

    Great book…I’m obsessed with the book now.

  25. I read a galley of The Goddess Test, and it was FANTASTIC 🙂 I loved Henry! I’d love to win a hard copy!

    1. Which character in your book can you relate the most to?
    2. Is there a character in your book you dislike?
    3. If you met Henry in real life, what is the first thing you would say to him?
    4. If Kate asked you for romance advice about Henry, what would you tell her?
    5. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

    -Carina L. Tai

  26. Aimee–The Goddess Test was the first book ever that I got to read through NetGalley and I think I drove my students crazy talking about it all the time (I teach both ELA and social studies to 6th-8th grade students at a school that currently only has one class of each, so I’ve taught them all about Ancient Greece and mythology–I figured that meant I could talk about it in all three classes, right?)…so I really can’t wait until book 2 is available. Here’s a few questions:

    1) Have you ever participated in/heard of NaNoWriMo?

    2) What would you say is the single most important thing that teenagers and preteens should know about being a writer?

    3) Do you ever get “writer’s block”? If so, what do you do to try to get around it?

    4) What single piece of advice would you give to a young person who was trying to write a novel?

    5) What made you decide to sit down and write your first novel, and what kept you writing even though your early ones weren’t…masterpieces? 😉

    (And, Kim–speaking as an English teacher, I would be over the moon if one of my students grew up to be a published author. I just found out that a student from one of my very first classes is going to college to be a social studies teacher, and was thrilled even before she told me that I inspired her to do so :-))

  27. Chemika Hough

    I love the book the goddess test! I have always found greek gods interesting and i was wondering who is Kates dad and will we heard about him at all in the next book?

  28. First of all, you sound like me! I didnt go to any of those high school festivities as well! 🙂 Second of all, I love your vlogs! You should do them more often (as the time allows) I’ve started vlogs as well so you’re not alone 🙂
    Ok five questions:
    1. Who is your favorite all time author?
    2. If you could have dinner with anyone, ever, who would it be?
    3. Have you ever been to Russia? (If not, I highly recommend it) hehe
    4. What is the first thing you do when you sit down to write?
    5. What superpower/magical power would you like to have?


    We need to chat on twitter! One writer to another (who made it and is awesome) Yes you! 🙂

  29. 1. What is the best part about writing this series?
    2. Who is your favorite god/goddess?
    3. Do you wish you could control something, like water?
    4. What would you choose for your goddess name?
    5. What’s your favorite YA you have read recently?

  30. Thank you for writing such a great book! 😀

    Here are some questions:

    1. A couple times in the book, Henry mentions that him and his ‘family’ are created by the same creator. Will we find out who the creator is and is he going to play a part in the series?

    2. Kate was incredibly close to her mom, did you pull those experiences of being with your mom into what Kate was going through?

    3. You wrote The Goddess Test in first person past tense, do you have any personal way of writing or does it depend on the story?

    4. James always has huge earphones either on his neck or on his ears, is that a certain clue that we had to catch on or is it just a character trait? And is it the same as the other gods? 😉

    5. It seems as though Greek Mythology YA books are getting popular (or maybe I just happen to pick them up) but do you discuss and talk with authors about your books or is writing sort of like a separate life for you?

    6. Is Aimee Carter a pen name or a real name? 🙂
    7. Why Hera and Hades? I thought Hera was always incredibly jealous of Zeus and his mortal woman. Was Philip alright with Calliope wanting Henry?
    8. Did anyone from the town question Kate’s disappearance?
    9. Dylan/Ares, what happened to him during the book? Did he stop going to school or did he just stay in the manor without being seen by Kate?
    10. Can the gods change their appearance? Is Henry forever going to look like he’s 20ish and what about Kate too? Will she look like she’s 18 for eternity?

    Again, thank you so much for your time, for your book, and for this contest! 🙂

    Email: liu.tiffany17@gmail.com

  31. thelabyrinthian

    1. Why did you choose to write in the YA genre? Did you ever consider other genres?
    2. How has your writing changed after writing The Goddess Test and its sequel? What have you learned about writing in general?
    3. Who would you most be honored to have read your book?
    4. Did you ever create characters similar to Kate and Henry in your previous manuscripts?
    5. How would you rate your experience being a published author?


  32. I felt part of goddess test it was trully amazing I especially loved the details thT were put into all ur writing ..
    £] y did u begin writing? (The inpiration behind wanting to b a writer)
    €) y did u even think of calling the manor Eden manor?
    ¥} was there a special quality of y Greek mythology seemed more intriguing to u of other genres of books?
    *> y did u think Aphrodite Nd Kate wuld become great friends(bffs) I mean Aphrodite instead of any1 else? Y her?

  33. First off I just want to say i love The Goddess Test!! Greek mythology has always grabbed my attention! Oh and I absolutely love Henry!!

    1) Who is Kate’s father??
    2) Would you ever consider writing adult novels?
    3) Does the Goddess Test have a possibility of being made into a movie or TV series?
    4) My favorite Greek Goddess is Artemis. Which Greek god/goddess is your favorite?
    5) What books are on your top 10 list?

    Email: sunshine5683@rocketmail.com

  34. 1.) In the first book, James mentioned how Kate’s relationships with the Gods will change (Example: her mom, Ava, and Henry), what did he mean exactly? That her mom won’t so much be her mother anymore? Or that Ava will become more distant and less of a best friend?
    2.) Again, relating to the Goddess test, does the personalities of the gods that Kate saw before they revealed that they were on the council real? Like was Ava told to hook up with a ton of guys and become one of Kate’s best friends or was that her own choice considering she is Aphrodite.
    3.) In the next book, the King of the Titans kidnaps Henry, does any of the characters we have already met or heard of helped the titan king capture Henry?
    4.) How was Henry kidnapped? Was he fooled into thinking someone he loved was in danger and went after him/her? Or was there another way?
    5.) Once we get closer to the release date, will you be giving out any teasers on this website?
    Thank you! And i love this series, i have always loved Greek and Egyptian mythology (one of the reasons I am also a Rick Riordan fan!) but I love how you completely took a myth, and turned it into an amazing love story where the King of the Death becomes quite loveable. I can’t wait for the 2nd book!

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