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Face to the Name

I feel odd posting this before THE GODDESS TEST has even been released, but Melissa Anelli asked about my dream cast for the book. And even though we have two months to go before the release, I figured it might be fun to give you a preview of some of the characters – faces only, of course. No spoilers here.

Let’s start with Henry. Dark, tortured, and mesmerizing, or so the back of the book describes. Who better than…

Ben Barnes?

Just in case you’re not completely convinced…

Really. He’s perfect. And age-appropriate, since Henry is supposed to look like he’s in his twenties.

Next we have James, who’s described as blond, tall, and elephant-eared (and a cute, geeky nerd). He’s hard to figure a face for, but if we’re going mostly literally (minus the ears)…

Mitch Hewer. (Thank you, UK Skins!)

He’s not a perfect fit though, and if we nixed the physical description and went with personality alone…

Darren Criss. A+. If anyone could pull off James, he could.

Now, onto the girls! Kate Winters is the protagonist, and she’s the one I can never picture. She has brown hair, and…yes. Let’s just go with that.

How about…

Troian Bellisario? Or…

Mandy Moore, circa A Walk To Remember?

Ah, well. Picture whomever you’d like! Let’s move on to Ava, who’s blond, beautiful, and has had a mental face from before I started writing the book. Who’s that?

Elisabeth Harnois. I can’t believe she’s almost thirty-two.

I would go on – there are plenty of other characters in the book – but I’ll leave it at this for now! Once the book’s out, we can talk about some of the other characters, but for now, these four are plenty.

Thanks for playing!