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Quick update before I get to the main event – I’m in the process of picking a winner for the “have your name be in TGT3!” contest. The reason it’s taking a while is because I’m picking them out of a hat. And have a deadline right now. BUT the winners will be announced this week.

ALSO, for the extra scene voting – I haven’t officially tallied, but from eyeballing it, it looks like 4 & 6 won. I’ll be choosing between those scenes (or, at least, whichever scenes won if it wasn’t those two) and will have that up for you as soon as this @#$%ing first draft is done.

Really. I don’t do well with first drafts. They make me want to give up on writing and move to a small island somewhere near the United Kingdom. It isn’t pretty.

NOW, onto the reason this post exists.

I’m going to be doing a Q&A vlog (video blog, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, which pretty much means I’ll be rambling into a webcam for 5-10 minutes), and the only thing that’s missing right now are the Qs! So if you have questions you’d like for me to answer in true rambly form, please ask below. Pretty much anything goes. Except, you know, the gross and inappropriate stuff. You can even try to get Goddess Interrupted stuff out of me. You never know, I might just open my big mouth. It happens more often than it should.


About Aimée Carter

THE GODDESS TEST series is in stores now! PAWN, the first book in the Blackcoat Rebellion series, was released November 2013, and CAPTIVE and QUEEN, the sequels, will be available in late 2014 and 2015, all from Harlequin Teen. SIMON THORN AND THE WOLF'S DEN, the first book in a middle grade series with Bloomsbury US/UK, will be released in Fall 2015.

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  1. Do you outline? If so what outline do you use?

  2. What advice do you give to an aspiring writer?

  3. How long did it take to find an agent?

  4. Will we be introduced to any new major characters in Goddess Interrupted?

  5. Who’s Kate’s father? Is he a god? Or is he a mortal?

  6. 1: When does Goddess Interrupted start off from?

    2: Where does Kate get the money to survive during her 6 months in the world, where does she stay? Was that prearranged in the book?

    3: How far does Kate’s and Henry’s relationship go (especially with all the mythology about Hades) physically? I wasn’t sure how far they went by the aphrodesiac, but do they live as man and wife once she comes back?

    4: Will there be any backlash with Kate and her mother? Because Diana, in esscence lied to her her entire life.

    5: Do the other gods play a bigger role in GI and GT3?

    6: What were the sources for the mythology when you were writing the book?

    7: Does Kate get any powers?

    8: Does she ever learn to swim?

    9: Is Henry bound to Eden, or is he able to travel the world with Kate, visit her if she needs him?

    10: Which writers influenced you?

    11: Does Henry really mean that Kate could have her own life during her 6 months? What happens if she meets someone? Is he really ok with sharing her?

    12: Do we get to see more of what ruling the underworld entails? ‘Cuz Henry had an awful lot of spare time in GT.

    I loved the book so much.

  7. I was trying to sleep but these questions were floating in my head and would not rest until I got them out.

    I adore Henry, I do. I am very excited in seeing more of him. That said, is the current Henry always the way he’s been, or was he ever more of what people might think Hades might be stereotypically – fiery, loud and intense? (One might argue that he still is, but I hope it makes sense nonetheless.)

    I studied Classics so I loved all the little touches such as Kate eating the seeds, Cerberus, the river surrounding the manor – will we continue to see little things like this that harken back to the myths?

    And some general series questions:
    Does Kate stay immortal? Will we find out about her six months outside the manor – and if so will Henry (or James..!) find a way to see her? Might we find out about Kate’s father, or is this sort of immaculate conception on Diana’s part? 😉

    I’m just excited to get a chance to ask anything at all, so thank you!

  8. Will we get to see more of the other gods (not just Henry) in book two?

  9. Melanie Stang

    I think Jagna18 asked some great questions, so I second hers. I was wondering if you will be posting any little snips either from TGT or the 2 other books from Henry’s point of view. I’d love to hear more from henry!!

  10. hello!!! first, i want to thank you for sharing with us your imagination through this beautiful story…

    my question,

    why Hades? Is the second book about her life in Earth during those six months? Why didn’t she chose to stay with him the whole year?

    thank you so much!! 🙂

  11. First of all, The Goddess Test was very good. Well done.

    My question: What do you do when you write, but believe your writing truly sucks, even if your CP’s say that it doesn’t… (I don’t believe them.) I don’t know what to do, It just isn’t coming out the way I want it to, no matter how much I edit. I know everyone is still learning and stuff but…..GAH.


  12. The ONLY thing missing is the Q’s? So you already have the A’s prepared? 🙂

  13. Who is Kate’s father? And, please update the blog soon!!!!

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