Contest Time

EDIT:  This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced soon, and keep an eye out for an international contest as well!

With a month to go before THE GODDESS TEST’s April 26th release, I thought it might be fun to run a little contest for a personalized copy of the book.

In order to enter, leave a comment below explaining who your favorite Greek god is and why, in 150 words or less. This can be any god (or half-god) that appears in Greek mythology, but make sure to explain why they’re your favorite. (ETA: please note that this MUST be a god of some sort. Titans do count. Full mortals like Pandora unfortunately do not. If you’re not sure, check out Wikipedia to see if they are specified as a god, half-god, or Titan.)

You’ll have until 12:00am EST on April 10th to enter – so fifteen days. You may only enter once. Once you’ve entered, please don’t delete your entry and rewrite it, since I’ll be compiling them separately. Don’t worry about typos you might find. We all make them.

Unfortunately this will be limited to the US and Canada, but I will almost certainly have another contest sometime soon for international readers as well.

I’ll pick my favorite sometime between April 10th-12th, and I’ll be judging the entries without names, so there will be no bias. You can go for funny, touching, unique, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure to keep it under 150 words.

And please – no spoilers for The Goddess Test. If you include a spoiler not included on the back summary (i.e., comparing Henry to Hades is fair game), your entry will be disqualified.

Good luck!!


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THE GODDESS TEST series is in stores now! PAWN, the first book in the Blackcoat Rebellion series, was released November 2013, and CAPTIVE and QUEEN, the sequels, will be available in late 2014 and 2015, all from Harlequin Teen. SIMON THORN AND THE WOLF'S DEN, the first book in a middle grade series with Bloomsbury US/UK, will be released in Fall 2015.

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win! My favorite god has to be Poseidon! Just having the power to control all the water in the world is just crazy!! He can cause so much havoc and devastation yet still be awesome! 🙂

    Twitter: @JeremyWest

  2. Andrea Thompson

    Hi! This is a great contest.

    My favorite Greek god/goddess is Athena. I guess she’s my favorite b/c her strongest characteristic was wisdom. I also think it’s cool that she was supposedly born from Zeus’ head (if I remember correctly). Not many of the Greek deities can claim such a noble defining trait.


  3. I’m sort of in between Apollo and Ares as my favorites. Apollo was known for so many things, including music and the sun and being more laid back. He was more popular in the legends But Ares had a quick temper and was all about war.

    They’re polar opposites, but I think that’s why I like them both.

    Thanks for the contest.

  4. Artemis. She’s the goddess of the hunt. What other classical Greek figure, other than possibly the Amazons, is allowed such a non-classical ‘not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen’ female role? Yes, she also represents virginity and childbirth and young girls, but the fact that she carries a bow and arrow, the fact that she is a huntress, is huge. It’s life and death, but not in the standard female giving birth way. More the don’t screw with what’s mine or you’ll get an arrow in the eye way. 😉

  5. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always been a big fan of sleep, so I have a soft spot in my heart for Hypnos. I can just imagine Hypnos at a meeting of the Gods, they’d be like “Hey, Hyp, what’s your opinion?” and he’d say “Whatever… I just wanna sleep…” Although, if Hypnos also is the reason for mono, he and I are gonna have to have a little talkin’ to.

  6. I think Psyche might be one of my favorites. She starts out mortal but gains immortality from Zeus after surviving a bunch of tests (given my Aphrodite) so she can be with Eros again. No matter how impossible the task she does them, gaining her husband (Eros) back along w/ immortality.

    I also feel bad for Hephaestus. He was kinda like the outcast & seen as ugly just b/c he was lame. Plus, he was married to the Goddess of love but wasn’t actually loved by her.

  7. I’m surprised no one has said Dionysus yet! Hello, the greek God ecstasy! Not to mention WINE! As a wine-loving Californian I’m definitely going to have to go with Mr. Dionysus. He represents the those who do not belong to conventional society and thus I would venture to say he was the ‘coolest’ God.

  8. I always liked Athena/Diana because I liked the idea of being smart – but at the same time I also really like some of the less well known ones like Eris and Echo (not sure Echo counts I think she started out as a sylph, but whatever).

  9. Oddly enough, my favorite Goddess was Medusa. When I was a kid I thought it was so wicked that her hair was shaped as slimy snakes and that she could turn people into stone by the glow of her eyes. True, she’s not a very nice character, but tell that to a ten year old;)

    Thanks for the contest. I ADORE this book!

  10. Phoebus Apollo all the way! God of music, prophesy, healing and the sun. The far-shooter, Artemis’ twin, and one of the few to keep his name from Mesopotamia all the way through Rome! How can you not love him? I have a bay tree and hyacinths in my yard to honor him.

  11. My favorite Greek goddess is Artemis because I love dogs like she does and I love animals too. Artemis is cool and a girl. Go girl power! For Halloween, I was her and I did a school project on her.

    • Yeah I know u like Artemis soooooooo much but I think Demeter is sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much cooler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. My favorite Greek God or Goddess is Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the hunt, moon, childbirth, and wild animals. Apollo is her twin brother, Greek God of the Sun. She’s my favorite Goddess because, she protects all women in childbirth, and she can hunt anything with her awesome silver bow and arrow. She’s courageous, and brave, something I’d like to be, and isn’t afraid to kick some crazy animal butt! Mess with her and you’ll get an arrow in the gut. 🙂

  13. Awesome giveaway! I’m torn between Athena and Artemis. With Artemis, although she also represents virginity, young girls, etc., she is mainly about the hunt which isn’t usually associated with women, making her different from the others. But Athena isn’t quite normal herself, being born from Zeus’s head and all. Since she represents wisdom, she is fair as well which is a trait I think more people need.


  14. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

    I always loved the story of Persephone – a young girl kidnapped for her beauty, forced to live with someone she hates, a mother’s overwhelming sorrow and longing. It’s such a beautifully tragic way to describe the changing of the seasons, and it’s always been the one that resonated the most with me. (Though I haven’t trusted a pomegranate seed since reading it…)

  15. I like to modernize Athena and picture her with machine guns. Seriously, full on loaded up to the teeth with weapons and a knowing smile because she’s about to let all of Hades unleash onto you in about three point two seconds. There also has to be an owl flying around somewhere. So let’s say this, first the sun blocks out your vision, then an owl is flying at you and all of a sudden you the afore mentioned Goddess with one of her guns pointed at your face a la one of the chicks in Sucker Punch. Ah yes, that is why Athena is my favorite Goddess.

    Thanks for the chance to win! My email address is

  16. My favorite Greek goddess is definitely Artemis. As twin sister of Apollo, I love that she is also sometimes associated with the moon. Despite her own eternal virginity, her protection over expectant women and young children is admirable. I’ve always pictured Artemis as a wild spirit and wondering soul, much like myself.

  17. My favorite would have to be Hades, because he can decide where each soul goes. Although the Hades in Greek mythology may not be the kindest or fairest of gods, it would be nice to be able to punish the wicked and reward the great.

  18. While I doubt he counts, Diomedes and Achilles were always my favorite demigods. (Achilles was the biggest mama’s boy in literature like…ever, and Diomedes was just BA.) 🙂

    But who is my favorite god? Gotta go with Athena. Not only was she a ballin’ fighter and crazy wise, but she also dealt a lot with mortals and would take care of people. She was the champion goddess of both Odysseus and Diomedes, and she kept them safe through the Trojan War and then saw them home. Then she encouraged Penelope to not lose hope and marry another guy while Odysseus was trying to get home. Plus, she’s the patron goddess of Athens, which was the city of Theseus, and I mean really – how can you resist Theseus? 🙂

  19. My favorite Greek god is Hephaestus. He’s my favorite because he’s depicted as the only god who’s not exactly a fashion model in the looks department because he was literally thrown off Olympus. Hephaestus always seemed like an eccentric inventor in most of the books or shows I’ve seen about him. He just seems like he would be the most approachable of the gods and maybe be willing to teach people his craft.

  20. My favorite Goddess is Hestia! She is the Goddess of the hearth, home, and cooking. Although possesing great power, she is said to never having used it. Being one of “The Twelve” she had a seat with her brothers and sisters but choose to give it up to Dionysus so she could tend the sacred fire. She didn’t cause any problems or have any adventures. I kind of feel bad for her about that. But she was a true example in her loyalty to Zeus, her brother. She is an example of giving up power for others in order to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life.

  21. My fave was always Artemis! I guess because she was sort of tomboyish. I liked how she was a huntress and was connected with the moon as well. To me she seems almost like an early version of the Urban Fantasy heroine!

  22. Okay, It took me a long time to search and figure out whom was my favorite. Nemesis, the greek goddess of divine retribution who punishes excessive pride, undeserved happiness, and the absence of moderation. She was the daughter of Nyx and assistant to Zeus. She was in charge of doling out happiness and unhappiness to those deserving. Who wouldn’t love a job like that? Being able to punish the bad and reward the good.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  23. I’d have to say that my favorite Greek-something (not sure if he’s a God or not…?) would be Eros aka Cupid. First why wouldn’t my perverted-self love the God of love and sexuality? And every time I read about a character portrayal of him, I fall into a serious lust haze. He’s so hot…every time I read about him… I’m in lust-awe. *lol* So, yeah. Love the dude. 🙂

  24. Man, I must be weird because I love Ares. I love me a bad boy. But honestly, I think I love Ares solely because of Kevin Smith (not the Jay and Silent Bob Kevin). He was just so cunning. Loved him!


  25. My favorite Greek goddess is Artemis. She’s courageous and brave, the goddess of the hunt and a kick-ass archer — but also feminine and sensual in her own ways, with her connection to the moon and childbirth and virginity. She’s also Apollo’s sister, and I love the sun/moon dichotomy of the pair of them.

  26. My favourite is Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love. The thing that’s always amazed me about Aphrodite is not that she’s the goddess of sexual love, but that she is married to Hephaestus, god of the forge. He was supposedly not very good looking, and I think it’s curious that Aphrodite married him. One would think that sexual love would be centred around looks, however it seems like that isn’t the case for these two. It’s a good example for humanity: don’t judge a person by their looks!

    Thanks for the great contest, Aimée 🙂

    • Actually, Aphrodite was forced into marriage with Hephaestus by her father, Zeus. She never exactly made it a secret that she despises her husband and has had an affair going on with Ares, god of war, for quite some time.

  27. Hands down, Athena! — Athena is the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. (Let’s forget the virgin part.) Hello! Goddess of Literature! She’s highly intelligent. Zeus’ favorite child, not a bad place to be.

  28. I am going to choose Hera. She was the goddess of marriage and family, and the protector of married women.

  29. My favorite Greek god would have to be Hestia. There are many reasons, but I think this one will interest you. My teacher assigned a research poster on Greek gods. I got to choose any god I wanted. I chose Hestia because I wanted to learn about a god that wasn’t well-known. So I ended up doing really good on the project and I think Hestia is pretty cool. She is the goddess of hearth and home so I think she was an important goddess to the Greeks. I would finally like to say that she is my favorite because she is like the mother to the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus in the sense she should be the “mother” of the Greek gods because she is the goddess of hearth and home, which is Mount Olympus for the gods and goddesses.

  30. P.S. it was so fun when this project was assigned because the people in my class woul all pretend they were the gods from their project. So I was like, “Hey Demeter. By the way, you are my favorite sister! But of course Zues is my favorite brother!”

    • Thx Hestia!!!!!! You are my favorite sister.Sorry Hera,Hestia is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. 🙂

  31. I have to say my favorite Greek goddess is Athena. She is the goddess of wisdom, war, strength, civilization, crafts and justice. I love that she is a strong woman, a protector, but still feminine. She is a great hero, in my mind.

  32. I would have to say that my favorite Greek god or goddess is Artemis. Artemis is the goddess of hunting and animals. I love animals. I also felt that she was very strong and willing. She stood up to Zeus and told him that she wasn’t going to marry, even though Zeus could zap her with a lighnting bot right then and there, and even banish her from Olympus. She also has a twin brother; I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a twin. She is awesome.

  33. My favorite goddess is the goddess Athena. She is extremely smart and she invented my favorite food. Olives! Athena also has brain power and can solve problems with what she has on hand. I also figure she loves to read and I do too. Athena has the willpower to do what she wants to do at the time so it makes her tough. Not in muscles, but for doing what it takes to do what she thinks is right. Her sacred animal is an owl and I simply adore owls. This is why I really like Athena

  34. My favorite goddess is Demeter. She is very powerful,pretty,and smart.She’s more powerful then you think.Sure, all the other goddesses have brains,beauty,and are great at archery but Demeter is the one that keeps mankind alive,Just think if Demeter didn’t make the crops grow,what would happen? Everyone would die,so it is a very bad idea to get her mad.Demeter may not have brains or beauty but she is a force to be reckoned with.

  35. My favourite Greek Goddess is Hestia, goddess of the hearth. Many people ignore her and her role in the world of Greek mythology, but to me she is fascinating. The first sacrifice of every household went to her. She gave up her seat on Olympus so the gods wouldn’t bicker and so she could tend the fires of Olympus. Every fire, every hearth was her altar and temple. She was everywhere at once, and represented family, love, and home to the Greeks. When I grow up I hope to have even a smidge of the dedication and love she had for others.

  36. My favorite god is Hephestus. He is my favorite because he can make tools and other weapons. He also lives in a volcano and that is real cool I would want to live in a volcano. That is why Hephestus is my favorite god.

  37. Going to a high school based on Latin education everyone at my school is very familiar with the stories of the Gods and Goddesses. In fact I’d go as far to say that if you don’t know about them then you’re sure to fail most of your classes. 🙂

    My favorite of the Greek Gods is Artemis. I’ve always liked the fact that she held a bow and an arrow and liked to hunt. To me she was the type of Goddess to get the job done herself rather than asking other people to do it for her. I love her connections to animals as well because it reminds me of my own affinity for my pets. Although I don’t know too much about what her personality was like I had always thought that there was more to her than what meets the eye. Also, Artemis’ strength and the fact that she helped women was another reason why I picked her.


  38. My favorite Greek god would have to be Morpheus. He is the god of dreams. He has the ability of creating dreams, can appear in them, and can take any human form. I really like all of his fine qualities, but what I find most fascinating about him is that he can create the dreams of people. I think it would be pretty amazing if I can devise my own dreams. There are many crazy and unbelievable things that one can envision in their dreams or others dreams, especially if he or she is the one capable of controlling it.

    Thanks for the contest. My e-mail address is

  39. My favorite Greek god/goddess is Athena because of her famous wisdom and sense of justice. It helps that she’s the patron goddess of my university and there are references to her everywhere! 🙂

  40. My favorite Greek goddess is Artemis, goddess of the hunt. She is wicked cool with her sword and with her Hunters.

  41. Hermes pretty much takes the cake as my favorite. As a tricky and cunning god, as well as a god of travelers, he seems like he’d be an excellent travel companion and just a fun guy to be around. Tricksters always tend to win a place in my heart.

    Plus he has winged sandals, which will always be stylish.

  42. HESTIA is my favourite goddess for sure. How much greater can you get? She is virtually unheard of nowadays despite the fact that she has one of the most important jobs up on Olympus. Unlike the others gods that preferred to spend their time raping, killing and being generally unfriendly; Hestia is gentle, kind and compassionate. She was always welcoming to everyone and complete in herself.

    She’s an inspirational goddess that I think anyone should aspire to be more like – a little more heart like what Hestia possesses could go a long way in this world.

  43. Awesome contest Aimee! 😀 Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book 🙂

    My favourite god is Zeus! I love me some thunderbolts, plus he’s got a pretty bad temper, and you really don’t want to piss him off by saying you prefer someone else! I also love all the myths about his children. Hercules, Perseus, Theseus…I could go on, but the background stories with their conceptions never fail to amuse me! 😀 I’m also a little impartial to Hephaestus, that poor guy is like the only ugly god out there! Poor him, surrounded by pretty people all day when you look like him must be terrible. 😦

    Thanks again Aimee! 🙂

  44. I think my favorite Greek God was Hera. She put up with a lot from Zeus, and still managed to be a strong presence in Greek mythology. Plus, I love that when Zeus kept killing their babies after the prophecy of being overthrown, she eventually took fate into her own hands and gave the baby away before death! 🙂

  45. I am really looking forward to reading this book!!! ❤
    My favorite Greek God would have to be Poseidon, because he is the God of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, storms, earthquakes, and horses. How cool would it be to be able to control water??? In classical artwork, he was said to be seen as a mature man of sturdy build with a dark beard, and holding a trident. The horse and the dolphin are sacred to him. Who doesn't like horses and dolphins?!?! Plus, in the book (and movie) he is the dad of Percy Jackson and is just way up there on the awesome scale. lol :))
    (For some reason, he also reminds me of Ariel the Little Mermaid's dad………. it must be the trident. lol)

  46. My favorite goddess of all time is NYX the goddess of night. First and foremost because it is said even Zues was afraid of her so you can imagine how powerful she was. She was one of the first goddesses and is said to be around since the beginning of creation. Nyx also gave birth to tons of gods/goddesses. You don’t hear much about her but she was said to have exceptional amount of power and was a thing of beauty. Not to mention I just love her because she represents Night and I love the night.

    my email-

  47. My favorite god is Prometheus. First, he tricks Zeus into taker lesser meat as a sacrifice from man then he steals fire to ensure man’s survival. As punishment he endured being bound to a rock where an eagle would eat his liver everyday for hundreds of years! Regardless, he was willing to stand up for what he believes in, humanity. That makes him my favorite. 🙂

  48. Megan @Amethyst Daydreams

    Wow. Tough one. I think I would have to say that I really like Hades. He is not really the lord of “Hell” but of the afterlife (good and bad), the ruler of the Earth’s riches… he is one of the three brothers who hold dominion over the Earth but he is rarely pictured as a true part of the Olympians. He’s always separate. That seems really lonely. No wonder he wanted Persephone or anyone really to be his companion. It is Hades who keeps the worst of the worst creatures and titans imprisoned in Tartarus and out of the world. His daughters were the goddesses of Blessed Death and Ghosts. Nothing evil there. To top it all off, his sacred animal is the screech owl. A bird that is beautiful and cute. You can’t beat that!

  49. My favorite would have to be Eos, the Goddess (Titan?) of the Dawn. She has Helios (the Sun) and Selene (the Moon) as siblings (whom I also love) and has a pair of wings. The dawn is a beautiful thing to see because the future is always uncertain and you never know if you’ll live to see another. The dawn is also a sign of new beginnings and a fresh start on life. Also, Eos was boy crazy to say the least. I find that very entertaining.

    Twitter: Emmys322

  50. My favorite God is Hermes….what’s cooler than being able to go between all three realms…Mt. Olympus…earth….and Hades….and back again…plus he has the rod that is the universal symbol of doctors…how cool is THAT? So yeah…Hermes has a soft spot in my heart. Plus…since he’s also Mercury & I’m a Gemini….he’s the ruler of my sign! Hee hee!

  51. Truthfully, I have two favorites.

    Gaia – Mother Earth. She is from whom everything comes, but she is not quite a divinity, because she is Earth. Everything on this earth comes from Gaia. She gives us both pleasure and pain in the beauty and the beasts that roam the earth. She sustains our lives even today. If that isn’t awesome, I don’t know what is.

    The next favorite is Hecate. She is one of a set of 3 Goddesses. She is recognized by some now as representing the “new moon”. She was extremely respected on Olympus and on the flip-side of that feared; however, she tended to use her awesome power towards the good of her people. She was rumored to be so powerful that people both cherished and feared her. She was, at times, used to scare kids into doing things that they should be doing — “a parent’s boogey man so to speak.

    She now represents all that Gaia gives. She represents the power that women, themselves hold within themselves. There are a lot of “Gods” that people talk about, Zeus and the like, but we forget about our Goddesses, which is why it has been speculated that women have now lost their places in greatness.

    The symbol that she shares to represent the 3 phases of the moon looks something like this )O(

  52. Kaitlyn Francis

    The god I really love is god of the ocean who is poseidon. When born he was swallowed nut than saved by his brothers and sisters. He shows alot of strengths and has that drive to lead people which in some myths he was a leader. In many series I read he is always described to have a kind heart and loves his children dearly. Also because he is from the main three is always seemed to be second to his brother Zeus. The ocean is a wonderful place for any kind of life and having him look after the ocean means one thing to me an that he loves and would protect the sea like king triton. Water has always interested me and the legend of poseidon it’s the type of story I always like to read yes there are alot of things tying him to Medusa but to me he was not that man the god I see when I read is and will forever be that he was strong, would go toe to toe with his brothers even putting Hades on a leash, and shows that leaders not only take the reigns but know how to control any kind of situations. I love the sea and know he was the kind of man who showed he cared. Poseidon rules the sea always.

  53. My favourite Greek goddess is Persephone because she (kind of) outsmarts Hades.

  54. An Ode to Hades – a Shakespearean sonnet (in proper iambic pentameter) by Rachel B.

    For many years before The Goddess Test
    I’ve thought in awe upon the days of old
    To wonder who of all the gods was best
    And who within my heart a place would hold

    Athena rules o’er Greece with strength of mind
    The Lord of Seas Poseidon brings the storm
    To maidens Artemis is always kind
    Without Apollo there would be no morn

    Yet somehow Hades seems to rise above
    As Lord of Death and ruler underground
    Despite bad luck he’s well deserving of
    A reputation better than I’ve found

    With cleverness and power he will keep
    The balance, and will greet me when I sleep

    Thanks Aimee, and good luck to all!

  55. My favourite Greek Goddess is Persephone. When I was younger I used to have a great babysitter that told me all sorts of stories. Her favourites were the Greek myths. I always loved autumn and because of the myth I came to associate it with Persephone and her mother. I looked at summer as her vacation time and in the autumn she was returning home. My babysitter always made sure to tell me that Persephone fell in love with Hades to make the myth less sad.
    I remember that I did not like when my mom would go out. My babysitter told me these stories to help with that. It reminded me not to be sad because I wouldn’t be away from my mom as long as Persephone would. I was 6, my mom leaving was a big deal…haha.

  56. My favorite god has to be Poseidon! water is such a powerful element and is needed in every part of the world!! it has the power to save and destroy if you ask me that killing two birds with one stone!!!!


  57. My favorite Greek god is Dionysus. Weird choice, I know. However, I teach high school English, and we do an entire unit on Greek tragedies, which are dedicated to Dionysus. As the god of fertility, exuberant life, wine, vegetation/growth, drunkenness, frenzy, sensuality, cruelty, etc., tragedies are a great fit for Dionysus. He has a split personality, just like plays (comedy vs. tragedy) and I just think he’s awesome.

    He’s the only god born of a mortal parent, AND when his mother died, Zeus actually stitched Dionysus into his thigh until he was ready to be born… that’s just crazy. He also was torn apart by the Titans and lived to tell about it; pretty tough dude. He was also considered one of the most important gods during Greek times because he was a symbol of everyday life, and if drunkenness, frenzy, sensuality, cruelty, etc., was normal for them back then… 🙂

  58. My favorite goddess would be Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory. I mean, look at her name, I would die for such a funky sounding name! She is my favorite goddess because of one main thing; the word mnemonic is derived from her name. Mnemosyne also is the mother of the nine muses by Zeus. Without these muses, my Latin class would be so boring since we argue about their names everyday. When ever I have to listen about Mnemosyne in my Latin class I think of the movie Finding Nemo! The name Nemo can be found in her name which intrigues me to no end! I also wish that I could some how trap her and make her give me some help with my failing memory. Oh how I wish Greek mythology was real….

  59. This is really hard, I love Greek mythology so much and it is really hard to choose.

    I’m am going to go with Aphrodite or Venus. She is the goddess of love and desire and was created by Uranus’s genitals and came out of the sea in a shell. I also love the art title The Birth of Venus, very beautiful. She is in a lot of good stories and causes some major issues like her promising Paris the love of the most beautiful woman and Eros and Psyche’s love affair.

    I had wanted to name my little chihuahua after her, but it just didn’t sound right.

  60. Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads is my favorite for the reasons many dont know, she not only helps those who come upon a crossroad in life, physically and spiritiually but she is also an all around Goddess who is also a protector of women and children when they are ill or in childbirth. She was wise in all earths mysteries. She never leaves you regardless of what you go through.

  61. It’s never easy being a good guy in the Greek pantheon so Asklepios will always have a place in the heart of this classics minor graduate. God of medicine and healing, his good (or perhaps foolish) intentions paved the way to Hades’ attention because no one should be able to raise the dead. Despite being punished for the offense, Asklepios continued to live on in the tradition of medicine. He was a one lady guy, gave snakes a good name, and became a constellation via Zeus’ guilty conscious after smoting him down. In short, he was an all around swell dude.

    And if you ever want to experience a peaceful, calming presence in the world? Walk the grounds of Epidaurus, ancient site of the asklepieion, a healing temple sacred to Asklepios. You’d be following the footsteps of thousands who’ve done the same.

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