Top Ten “Wanna Be Her”s

Yesterday we covered the top ten fictional crushes, and while I was compiling it and looking at various books and movies, I realized that there are female characters in those books that I would love to “be”. Certainly not all the time, but if I got to step into a character’s shoes for a day, these female characters would be my top ten.

Why females? Mostly because if I included males on this list, I’d never get it narrowed down. So here we go.

1. Polgara (from The Belgariad/The Malloreon series): Supposedly the most beautiful woman in the world, three thousand years old (and still has the body of a twenty-something), and a powerful sorceress. Seriously. Fun times there.

2. Nymphadora Tonks (from Harry Potter): Not gonna lie. If I could have one super power, it would be to change my appearance at will. Vanity aside, how cool would it be to get to be anyone you wanted? The possibilities would be endless. Plus she snags Remus Lupin, so, you know. Not a bad deal.

3. Fox (from the movie Wanted): She’s so kickass she makes me want to learn how to shoot.

4. Bella Swan (from Twilight): Before you feel like smacking me for this, I’d do it for one single reason: to tell Edward Cullen to go stalk someone else (though if he shaped up, maybe he’d get to be my boyfriend). And the free trip to Italy.

5. Katniss (from The Hunger Games): Kickass. Strong. And the opportunity to hang out with Peeta and Gale. Hello. Definitely not on a Hunger Games day though.

6. Belle (from Beauty and the Beast): One of my favorite Disney movies. My freshman year in high school, a few of my friends and I (jokingly) decided we would all work at Disney when we were older, and we would be the princesses. With my coloring and heritage, I was a shoo-in for Belle, and I wasn’t complaining.

7. One of Charlie’s Angels: I’m really not picky here, as long as I don’t have to feather my hair.

8. A Spice Girl (they made a movie, remember?): Getting to drive around the UK in a bigger-than-it-looks tour bus meeting famous people and lip-sync in front of millions and get paid for it? Sure. Plus I’d get a fun nickname.

9. Jane Jones (the movie Closer): She is seriously screwed up in the head, but she knows what she wants, and she goes for it. One of my all-time favorite characters.

10. There are so many more, but I think it would be fun to be Aphrodite for a day. Just for the hell of it.

So many choices, and I’m positive I’m forgetting some of my favorites, but if I could step into a character’s shoes for a day, these would definitely make my list.


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  1. Aphrodite. Ha ha. That would be win.

    I want to be Wonder Woman. Or Batgirl. Seriously.

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