Top Ten Fictional “Crushes”

So I realized that limiting this blog to long posts about opinions on various writing topics is sort of silly. That’s not who I am, and I might as well let my freak flag fly, right? We all have one. (Name that movie time! It’s one of my favorites.)

I’m going to start off simple and try to ease into this. Try to make it interesting for you as well as me, and generally try not to blow too much hot air into the blogosphere. I’m blatantly stealing this from a good friend of mine, Sarah Reck, whose blog you should check out.

Top ten fictional crushes. Bear with me, because when I say crushes, I don’t actually mean crushes. I’ve never been that kind of person, and while I have absolutely nothing against the idea of getting crushes on fictional characters, I just don’t. So we’re gonna go with top ten favorite characters who I might agree to go out with if they asked me nicely.

I’m not limiting this to literature, by the way. Books, movies, and TV, here we go.

1. Bill Weasley (from the Harry Potter series): Why Bill? Well, he has long hair, and I have a Thing for that. He enjoys traveling, has a huge family, a bit of a rebellious side, and is just a general all-around good guy, but not so good that it’s cloying. Very important, that.

2.  Gale (from The Hunger Games trilogy): See Long Hair Thing (henceforth to be known as LHT). Stands up for what he believes in, a hard worker, loyal, values his family, general good stuff here. But also that same hint of rebellion.

3. Jasper Hale (from Twilight): Shut up.

4. Michael Vaughn (from Alias): Okay, TV show. I watch a lot of TV. This character is the reason I waded through five seasons of Jennifer Garner.

5. Wash (from Serenity/Firefly): Or Mal. Or Simon. But probably not Jayne. Why? Two words: Space Cowboys. Mostly Wash though, because really, he’s Wash. If you’ve seen this series/movie, you probably understand.

6. Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds): LHT. Well, up until the most recent season. But also, he’s sweet, he’s socially awkward (I adore socially awkward), he’s weird, he’s smarter than an entire roomful of rocket scientists, and he’d be away working half the time, leaving me plenty of time to write (and to miss him).

7. Poseidon (from Percy Jackson, the movie): Another set of two words: Kevin McKidd. And fragile. And lonely. And I’m pretty sure there was a leather jacket involved somewhere.

8. Remus Lupin (from the Harry Potter series): Okay, so two Harry Potter characters. Truth be told, I could fill this list with Harry Potter characters, but we’re going with my favorites. Most fan girls I know say Sirius, but he’s too much of a bully for me. Remus is gentle, intelligent, a tad bit rebellious, stands up for what he believes in, are we sending a pattern yet? Also, he’s broken in the way that having someone who loves him would go a long way to fixing him.

9. Daniel (from Love Actually, played by Liam Neeson): All right, so he’s a lot older than me. So let’s de-age him to his thirties or so, and I’m game. Grieving widower, great with his step-son, not afraid to use pop-culture icons (Leo, Kate, and never let go) to make his point for him. Generally this has a lot to do with Liam Neeson though, as tragic as it is that life imitated art in the grieving widower part.

10. Prince Caspian (from the Chronicles of Narnia): LHT, and our last set of two words for the day: Ben Barnes. Really, that’s all you need to know.

That was fun (and possibly more revealing than I’d like, but hey, why not?). Anymore top ten lists anyone wants to see?


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  1. I almost put Poseidon on my list too honestly… I was going to specify that it was the Poseidon as characterized in the book and yet still played / looks like Kevin McKidd. But then I didn’t. Oh, and I was also going to put one of your characters down but since the book isn’t published or slated to be published yet I figured I’d wait and revisit once it is. 😛

    Hope you do more blogging. It’s good for authors to blog!!

  2. Yes, maybe I’m combining movie!Poseidon and book!Poseidon in my head. Either way, I’d be thrilled.

    Ooh, okay, have to ask, which character?

  3. Gotta love Lupin. And I loved Liam Neeson’s character in Love Actually…. one of my favourite storylines in the film. 🙂

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